Welcome to Naples Guns and Ammo

Imagine having an experienced sales staff that is here just for you! Naples Guns and Ammo is the only gun store you will ever need.  We are here just for you and will do all we can do to make you feel like this is YOUR GUN STORE! As a full FFL licensed gun dealer we can assist you with obtaining the perfect handgun, rifle, shotgun you are looking for and we will do everything to fit your needs.  We offer some of the lowest prices and quality guns, along with a full range of accessories. Many times we are lower in price on guns that are offered through the internet online with their so called deals. Always check out our specials on our guns that will save you lots of money and time looking for that hard to find gun or deal. We have many members that love getting together just to visit and talk, or shoot clinics that will help develop your personal skills in shooting and safety.   So come join us and experience all the different guns and ideas on the market.  We have certified staff to instruct you in the classroom or gun range and are dedicated to helping you improve your ability to handle and shoot your gun safely. If for any reason you decide to purchase a gun online from any FFL website or dealer, we can assist in the transfer that gun for you. We are the preferred dealer on many of the FFL websites.  This means you can be confident you are dealing with the most professional, honest, friendly and licensed gun store. We thank you for visiting our website and are dedicated to giving our customers the best service.  Feel free to call and ask questions about anything we can help you with or just stop in.  This is YOUR GUN STORE so we thank you for your business!