The Truth About Gun Control

The fiercely debated issue of Gun Control strongly divides Democrats and Republicans in the United States of America. The Second Amendment becomes a hot topic of conversation whenever a shooting makes the national news and tempers flare across the political spectrum. This presentation presents the available evidence regarding gun prevalence, gun homicides, gun control laws and much more in an attempt to get to the bottom of this complicated issue. What is the Truth About Gun Control?


Pizza Delivery Driver Packing Heat, not Pizzas

Reports state that a pizza deliveryman was out doing his job when he was approached by two armed men, demanding money. This is when the driver reached for his gun rather than his wallet. In so doing he was able to successfully defended his life and property by firing and striking at least one of the assailants.

According to Jacksonville police, the suspect who was shot is in serious condition. There is currently no word on the second suspects whereabouts but the search continues. If the suspect who was shot dies from his injury, the second suspect could be charged with murder along with other potential charges for the incident.

The reporting media outlet has stated that they have reached out to Domino’s, the pizza company that the deliveryman was working for at the time, to ascertain their gun policy for their drivers.

As if a human being, employed delivering pizzas, has no right to defend himself if company policy states so. This is, of course, regardless that his right to bare arms is constitutionally protected. The reporting media outlet seems to think that ‘company policy’ has more importance than the United States Constitution which affords them the right to ask such ignorant questions.

It is unknown if the unnamed driver will be able to keep his job. Undoubtedly he is happy to have been able to successfully defend his life and only worry about seeking employment elsewhere.

China blames separatists for knife attack; 33 dead

Police fatally shot four of the assailants — putting the overall death toll at 33 — and captured another after the attack late Saturday in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan province, the official Xinhua News Agency said. But authorities were searching for at least five more of the black-clad attackers.

State broadcaster CCTV said two of the assailants were women, including one of the slain and the one detained.

“All-out efforts should be made to treat the injured people, severely punish terrorists according to the law, and prevent the occurrence of similar cases,” said China’s top police official, Politburo member Meng Jianzhu, who arrived in Kunming early Sunday, an indication of how seriously authorities viewed the attack.

The attackers’ identities have not been confirmed, but evidence at the scene showed that it was “a terrorist attack carried out by Xinjiang separatist forces,” Xinhua said. The far western region of Xinjiang is home to a simmering rebellion against Chinese rule by some members of the Muslim Uighur (pronounced WEE’-gur) population, and the government has responded there with heavy-handed security.

Police in Kunming on Sunday were rounding up members of the city’s small Uighur community, believed to number no more than several dozen, for questioning in the attack and information about the assailants.

“How do we know them?” said a Uighur man who gave only his first name, Akpar. “We could not tell if the assailants were Uighurs as they were all dressed in black. We did not like the attack either.”

Most attacks blamed on Uighur separatists take place in Xinjiang, where clashes between Uighurs and police or members of China’s ethnic Han majority are frequent, but Saturday’s assault happened more than 1,500 kilometers (more than 900 miles) to the southeast in Yunnan, which has not had a history of such unrest.

Kunming residents expressed dismay at both the attack and the conditions within China that could have allowed it to happen.

Restaurant worker Xie Yulong said the attackers were “worse than animals.” But he also expressed sympathy toward ethnic Uighurs, saying their region has come under severe security crackdowns in recent months under the government of President Xi Jinping.

“It’s the pressure,” Xie said. “Beijing has put too much pressure on them since Xi Jinping took over. They are under so much pressure they do not want to live, and they did that.”

Another Kunming resident, Jiang Hua, said the attack has made people scared to go out at night.

“I think we should chase off the Uighurs and let them be independent,” Jiang said. “And local authorities should be held accountable for providing public safety.”

Witnesses described assailants dressed in black storming the train station late Saturday evening and slashing people indiscriminately with large knives and machetes.

Student Qiao Yunao, 16, was waiting to catch a train at the station when people started crying out and running, and then saw a man cut another man’s neck, drawing blood.

“I was freaking out, and ran to a fast food store, and many people were running in there to take refuge,” she told The Associated Press via Sina Weibo, a Chinese microblog. “I saw two attackers, both men, one with a watermelon knife and the other with a fruit knife. They were running and chopping whoever they could.”

Alarms over a possible spread of militant attacks to soft targets beyond the borders of Xinjiang were first raised in October when a suicide car attack blamed on three ethnic Uighurs killed five people, including the attackers, at Beijing’s Tiananmen Gate.

Sean Roberts, a cultural anthropologist at George Washington University who has studied Uighurs and China for two decades, said the Kunming violence would be a new kind of attack for ethnic Uighurs — premeditated, well-organized and outside Xinjiang — but still rudimentary in weaponry.

“If it is true that it was carried out by Uighurs, it’s much different than anything we’ve seen to date,” Roberts said by phone.

But he added that it is still unclear whether there is any organized Uighur militant group, and that attacks so far do not appear linked to any “global terrorist network, because we’re not seeing things like sophisticated explosives or essentially sophisticated tactics.”

The violence in Kunming came at a sensitive time, with political leaders in Beijing preparing for Wednesday’s opening of the annual legislature, where Xi’s government will deliver its first one-year work report.

Willy Lam, a political observer at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, said the attack coming so close to the National People’s Congress dented Xi’s message of a “Chinese Dream” coalescing under his rule.

“Pockets of dissatisfaction, groups of people with grievances, appear to be increasing. After 1 1/2 years of more heavy-handed control (in Xinjiang), the report card does not look good,” Lam said.

Xi called for “all-out efforts” to bring the culprits to justice. The Security Management Bureau, which is under the Ministry of Public Security, said in a statement that police would “crack down on the crimes in accordance with the law without any tolerance.”

The attack was the deadliest violence attributed to Uighur-Han conflicts since riots in the Xinjiang capital of Urumqi in 2009, in which Uighurs stormed the streets of the city, targeting Han people in seemingly random violence that included the killing of women and children. A few days later, Han vigilante mobs armed with sticks and bats attacked Uighurs in the same city. Nearly 200 people died.


Associated Press writers Ian Mader, Gillian Wong and Louise Watt and video producer Aritz Parra in Beijing, and researcher Fu Ting in Shanghai, contributed to this report.

Ohio Resident Shoots Two of Four Intruders During Home Invasion

Article by Awr Hawkins

A Columbus, Ohio man who happened to be at his residence during a daytime home invasion shot two of the four invaders as they attempted to burst through the door.

The incident took place on November 20th.

According to, the resident was in his apartment when three men and a woman “attempted to force their way into [the] apartment” at about 5:30 p.m. The intruders were greeted with gunfire and two of them were hit.

Police found and apprehended the two wounded suspects nearby and transported them to a local hospital. “Both were critically injured.”

Neighbors say this same apartment was robbed last year, and that one of the residents was attacked and “hit so hard so hard on the side of the head…with a baseball bat” that it cut his ear in half.

Not this time.

Ammo supplies are still tight

It’s a drought of a different variety, and as a result, customers are clamoring to grab every box of gun ammunition they can get their hands on; wherever they can find it.

However, retailers across the country, big and small, are facing the same situation — a massive shortage on gun ammunition.

Since January, rounds of ammunition have become increasingly difficult to come across. The cause? An intensely high customer demand, fueled by the fear of federal or state gun restrictions following the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary in early December.

Talks of gun bans and ammunition restrictions sent gun owners into panic and into their local gun shops.

Gun and ammunition sales spiked as Americans rushed to beef up their home arsenals.

Original Story:

CO. Sheriffs Unite to Block ‘Unenforceable’ Gun Control Legislation

In the wake of the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado passed some of the strictest gun control measures in the country.

But in recent months, an overwhelming 55 of the state’s 62 county sheriffs have joined a lawsuit aiming to block the measures.

“These bills do absolutely nothing to make Colorado a safer place to live, to work, to play or to raise a family,” Weld County Sheriff John Cooke explained at a recent press conference. “Instead these misguided, unconstitutional bills will have the opposite effect because they greatly restrict the right of decent, law-abiding citizens to defend themselves, their families and their homes.”

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Florida Police Plan to Harass Gun Show Attendees

The Tampa Bay Times reports that the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office plans to “strictly enforce a county law mandating background checks for all customers at gun shows” and close down private firearms sales between individuals. (What? Did you think we live in a free country?)

Working closely with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office will conduct an undercover operation at the Two Guys Gun Show in Largo, Florida this weekend.

The ATF has conducted numerous investigations of gun shows over the past decade. The ATF and the Justice Department claim gun shows are used by gangs and others, including Mexican drug cartels, to illegally peddle firearms used in murders and other criminal activity. (Because there is no other way for law-breakers to get guns)

Seven counties in Florida have attempted to close the so-called gun show loophole by enacting a law requiring background checks of private gun sales. “We’re going to make sure the ordinance is enforced,” Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri told the newspaper earlier this week. “The last thing in the world that I want to see, and I hope anyone wants to see, is a firearm fall into the hands of a person who’s prohibited by law from possessing one.” (But then again, if they are prohibited by law, how can they possess one? Unless… they don’t obey the laws thus any gun laws passed simply go to restrict the vast majority of law abiding citizens from their right to bare arms. The ignorance and hypocrisy of the so called ruling elite seems endless!)

Gualtieri sent Two Guys Gun Show organizer Guy Lemakos a letter to “remind” him of private vendors’ of government-mandated responsibilities under the ordinance. Lemakos told The Tampa Bay Times he will personally perform background checks on about 25 private sellers at the show, although he believes guidelines issued by the Sheriff’s office are unfair. Private vendors constitute around 20 percent of sellers at the show.

“I’ll do what I have to do, but I’m uncomfortable with it, because I’m not a cop,” he said. “It’s not the responsibility of a gun show owner to enforce the law.” (So it looks like he’ll be “following ORDERS” like a good soldier, keeping the rest of us slaves from our unalienable rights even through he knows it’s wrong and is afraid of repercussions.)

The police admit they do not have the resources or manpower to enforce the law. “Manpower is limited,” Hillsborough sheriff’s Col. Donna Lusczynski said. Democrat Hillsborough County Commissioner Les Miller told the newspaper he will consider ways to find additional funding for the Hillsborough Sheriff’s Office to specifically enforce the background-check law at gun shows.

Original Article without comments:

Senators propose limiting government ammo sales

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) – Ammunition seems to be in short supply these days because many local stores can barely keep bullets on their shelves.

Some lawmakers are blaming an ammo shortage on the federal government, which could see new limits placed on its supplies.

Republican Sen. John Boozman of Arkansas has co-sponsored a bill recently called the Ammunition Management for More Obtainability, or AMMO, Act of 2013.

The AMMO Act was introduced in Congress following concerns that federal agencies like the Department of Homeland Security have stockpiled ammunition, affecting availability nationwide.

According to Sen. Boozman’s Web site, the proposal “prohibits agencies covered by this legislation from purchasing or storing more ammunition than it retained on average between 2001 and 2009. The AMMO Act would require the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to audit federal agencies’ purchases of ammunition.”

The bill aims to limit how much ammo the federal government can ultimately buy so that there’s more available to the American consumers, who have reportedly struggled to find or even buy ammo.

Original Story:

DHS Seeks Millions More Rounds of Ammunition

Market survey asks companies if they can provide 2 million bullets within 30-60 day period

Article by Paul Joseph Watson for on May 3, 2013

The Department of Homeland Security has released a market survey asking companies if they are able to provide 2 million rounds of ammunition within a short time period, increasing concerns that the federal agency is continuing its arms build up in preparation for domestic unrest.

With the DHS already having committed to purchasing over 1.6 billion bullets over the course of the last year, a “request for information” on “reduced hazard training ammunition” posted on the FedBizOpps website quizzes bullet manufacturers on how fast they can supply large quantities of ammo;

– Are you capable of producing large quantity orders of any training caliber specified with a short turnaround time of 30-60 days?

– What would your lead time be for an order of 2 million rounds of a single type listed above?

– If you were awarded a contract for some of the calibers listed above, submitted a production lot of one million rounds and that lot or portion of the lot was not accepted, would you be able to replace that order with an additional one million rounds within 60 days?

The federal agency’s need to find companies that can commit to manufacturing large quantities of bullets quickly also lends credence to claims made by a firearms manufacturer who called into the Michael Savage show in March that the DHS is trying to exhaust ammunition supplies as part of an end run around the Second Amendment.

Ammunition is becoming increasingly scarce, with gun stores across the nation forced to resort to bullet rationing in an attempt to satisfy as many customers as they can, while some police departments are having to barter between themselves to meet demand.

The market survey also indicates that the DHS is interested in purchasing ammunition that will safely fragment when fired against an “armor steel plate,” which will only serve to stoke fears that the feds are gearing up to use the ammunition in an offensive manner.

Despite official denials backed up by unquestioning media reports that the DHS is buying an abnormal amount of bullets, the Government Accountability Office announced earlier this week that an investigation of the purchases is “just getting underway.”

A Run on Guns – Sales of AR-15 s Soar

At the GunRunners Gun Show outside Atlanta, the line stretches out the door and around the corner. Dozens of people are waiting, ready to fork over big bucks for everything from pistols to high capacity magazines.

Here, the hottest seller isn’t a shotgun, handgun, or even a pair of Angie Whitaker’s .22-caliber bullet casing earrings. It’s the AR-15 semiautomatic rifle.

“We probably brought maybe 100 AR-15s with us,” said vendor George Mazzant, from On the Square Gun & Pawn. “I’d like to sell half of them, and, I’m sure we will. We’ve been doing that well every weekend.”

Mazzant is running a special, selling Stag Arms AR-15 rifles for $999. It’s an offer that’s too good for show attendee Ken Farrell to pass up.

“I always wanted one,” said Farrell. “I’m getting it now just in case I can’t later. Since the rumors of the bans, the prices have skyrocketed.”

“When you tell the American public that they’re not going to have something, they want it,” said Mazzant.

“It’s a question of cosmetics. It’s not a question of functioning,” said Steve Sanetti, president of the National Sports Shooting Foundation. “The rifles are sane, safe, reliable types of firearms used by millions of citizens for lawful purposes. They are not just killing machines.”

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