Naples Guns and Ammo is dedicated to offering our customers the very best of the best in the gun world.

We have exciting news with our training department which offers the complete tactical training courses which will train, prepare and give you a confident feeling with your gun!   So whatever you choose to learn or gun to purchase, we have the guns and training courses designed for you, along with great prices!

We have classes to fit everyone’s needs in training and teaching safe gun handling.  Our goal is to make our courses, convenient, comfortable, and enjoyable while giving you the confidence to win!

You can pick and choose from courses which interest you or meet your needs in gun safety and education.  We offer the most requested courses like; Carry Concealed Weapons Classes to certify you for your Florida CCW permits, Defense Courses, Improving shooting skills, New or renew K license permits for security employment.  We offer exclusive classes just for women like their own Carry Concealed Weapons class or Women on Target classes.  We have group shooting courses or just open range time to improve shooting skills, with our qualified instructors.  One-On-One instructions or group parties we do it all and want to make your experience one that will bring you back with a friend.   You will be here in our clean, comfortable new gun store with the most qualified instruction available today!   We will include in the price of your classes the ammunition, range time with instruction and even guns that you will be able to choose from!

So why go anywhere else for anything?  We have taken all of the guess work and leg work out of your decision.  We want to make your experience comfortable, affordable and fun for our valued customers.    Remember we want this to be your gun store and feel confident and comfortable you’re getting the best of the best!  We will post classes here on our site or just feel free to call our friendly staff anytime.  We will make every effort to give you all of the newest and latest equipment while teaching the newest techniques to make this YOUR GUN STORE!

In America we believe every citizen has the right to protect themselves from harm.

It has been said “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.” In order to keep our love ones safe we need to be vigilant in preparation. No longer can we rely on the Police to keep all the threats of violence, danger and harm from our doorsteps. Across America people who have never committed a crime are involved in cowardly acts of aggression to innocent bystanders. Each one of us are responsible to achieve the necessary knowledge, skills and mindset, it takes in today’s crazy world to be safe.

The Florida Concealed Weapons Permit is the first step to your preparation. You can protect innocent people, friends and family from unprovoked attacks!

As a N.R.A instructor for firearms and over twenty-five years of law enforcement experience I am prepared to help you prepare for the unexpected!

The First Steps Basic Pistol course is a 4 hour course intended to introduce the student to the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for owning and using a specific model of firearm. The goal of this program is to teach the participant the fundamentals of firearms safety. This course satisfies the requirement to obtain your Florida Concealed Weapons Permit.

Using the NRA training method of Total Participant Involvement, basic courses provide hands on learning opportunities in the following areas:
— Safe firearm handling
— Firearm parts and operation
— Ammunition and its function
— How to select, clean and store a firearm
— Florida law regulations concerning carrying a concealed Weapon.

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