Nighthawk Customs Dealer

Naples Guns & Ammo is the preferred Nighthawk Customs dealer in SWFL. All Nighthawks are 100% custom built at their facility in Berryville Arkansas:

“At Nighthawk Custom, each pistol is built from start to finish by a single gunsmith. Our slogan and philosophy, “ONE GUN, ONE GUNSMITH,” is the direct result of how we build our firearms. Every part used in Nighthawk Custom 1911s have been Fully Machined from bar stock billet steel and are intentionally oversized to later be hand fit by a skilled gunsmith. In order to create the finest 1911’s in the world, only the finest materials can be used. Starting with oversized, raw parts, the gunsmiths handcraft the pistol part by part to create a functional piece of art. All 46 parts are fit to that certain pistol, making it a unique and unrivaled pistol.”

Your Nighthawk Custom will truly be a legacy purchase that you can pass down from generation to generation. Due to their scarcity, they are a store of value seeing ~11% retail price growth year over year.

Every Nighthawk is completely one of a kind – It is the closest you can get to a perfect gun. Give me a call at (239) 920-8090 to schedule a consultation to start your custom build or come see what we have in stock at the store.

In Stock:

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