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In order to receive a firearm that has been shipped, law requires you use an FFL (Federal Firearm License) dealer to facilitate the transfer. Please provide your sender our transfer weblink so they can acquire a copy of our FFL number. We will also facilitate the transfer out process. Simply input the name and contact number of the receiving FFL Firearms Dealer in the box below and bring your gun(s) into the store when you are ready. We will make sure all items are shipped pursuant to federal regulations.
> All transfer ins cost $45.00 + FDLE NICS fee of $5.00
> All transfer outs cost $45

New & Pre-owned Gun Dealer

We have an inventory of new and pre-owned guns. We also do special orders and cover the shipping and transfer costs. We will work with you on your old guns either though trade-ins, consignment or purchase. Give us a call for more info. !

Naples Guns & Ammo is a Class Ill SOT Firearm Dealer – we sell and transfer NFA items including
suppressors (silencers), SBR’s and even fully automatics.


Whether you are going up north for the summer or simply don’t want the guns in your house and don’t want to sell them, we offer firearm storage in our maximum security, climate controlled vault. Storage fees are $50.00/month/handgun & Silencers and $100.00/month/Long-gun. All guns can be accessed immediately. During business hours and with 3-hour notice outside of business hours.


Silencers are legal to own and an excellent consideration for your firearm. They will protect your hearing as well as dampen the recoil and muzzle flash which is a great thing for new shooters training and building their confidence.

We will facilitate the registration of your class III items, silencers and short barrel rifles!

Nighthawk Customs Dealer

We are the preferred Nighthawk Customs dealer. Come see our stock or schedule a consultation to order your custom build. All Nighthawk 1911’s are built custom at their facility in Arkansas. Every gun is hand manufactured by one single gunsmith. There are no molds. Everyt gun is one of a kind. These guns shoot immaculately and due to their scarcity and quality are also an excellent investment seeing retail price growth of ~11% yoy.