Pizza Delivery Driver Packing Heat, not Pizzas

Reports state that a pizza deliveryman was out doing his job when he was approached by two armed men, demanding money. This is when the driver reached for his gun rather than his wallet. In so doing he was able to successfully defended his life and property by firing and striking at least one of the assailants.

According to Jacksonville police, the suspect who was shot is in serious condition. There is currently no word on the second suspects whereabouts but the search continues. If the suspect who was shot dies from his injury, the second suspect could be charged with murder along with other potential charges for the incident.

The reporting media outlet has stated that they have reached out to Domino’s, the pizza company that the deliveryman was working for at the time, to ascertain their gun policy for their drivers.

As if a human being, employed delivering pizzas, has no right to defend himself if company policy states so. This is, of course, regardless that his right to bare arms is constitutionally protected. The reporting media outlet seems to think that ‘company policy’ has more importance than the United States Constitution which affords them the right to ask such ignorant questions.

It is unknown if the unnamed driver will be able to keep his job. Undoubtedly he is happy to have been able to successfully defend his life and only worry about seeking employment elsewhere.

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