The Nighthawk Custom Predator III is a high-performing, compact 1911 pistol designed with the shooter’s experience in mind. This compact pistol is engineered to offer reduced recoil and faster shot recovery times, providing a smoother and more controlled shooting experience.

A key element of the Predator III’s design is its 4.25” coned (wafered) match-grade barrel. This advanced barrel system effectively manages recoil, shifting the center of balance forward and minimizing felt recoil compared to traditional officer-sized 1911s with a bushing barrel. This reduction in recoil not only enhances the shooter’s comfort but also facilitates quicker follow-up shots.

The pistol is equipped with a full-length guide rod, which further aids in smooth operation and contributes to the overall reliability and durability of the firearm. The integral barrel wafer is precisely fitted to the slide, achieving a seamless appearance while ensuring optimal function.


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Barrel Length



45 ACP, 9 MM


Black Nitride


Nighthawk Custom


Heinie Straight Eight Slant Pro, Tritium

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