The Suppressor Process

Customers will commonly see the suppressor or silencer display at the store and ask if they are legal. The answer is a resounding yes, and that they are excellent additions to your firearm related purchases. Suppressors are mounted at the end of the gun’s barrel (in a multitude of ways) that act to catch and distribute in a controlled manner the gasses expelled after the gun is fired. This dampens recoil and muffles the sound. How quiet is it? on average depending on the size of the cartridge being fired, decibel reduction is in the range for 5-10Db. It is not quite like the movies, but the right suppressors are graded to protect your hearing without any added ear pro.

The reasons to own a suppressor are its functional uses in hearing protection and allowing you to fire your gun on your property without bothering the neighbors (if you live in the estates) – it also significantly dampens recoil by distributing the expelled gasses which cause the kick when exiting the barrel. There is also the investment and speculative considerations of suppressors. We are free to own them, at this time. One day that may not be the case.

The legal process to own the suppressor involves applying for what’s called an NFA Tax Stamp under the National Firearms Act of 1968. This tax stamp costs $200.00 and requires a signed application including your finger prints, picture and serial number and model of the suppressor. You can’t apply for the tax stamp without first purchasing the suppressor. It is relatively painless and we will walk through this process with you! Once the application is out, then it’s as simple as hurry up and wait. Turnaround times can range from 6 to 12 months, depending on how backed up the application pipeline is.

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