Our transfer process is built around providing the best customer experience in the local market.

We offer in-bound and out-bound transfers of both long guns and handguns. We also act as transfer agents in private sales.

If you live in the Naples and Marco Island area, we are the most convenient and efficient dealer to transfer your firearms.

Note: All transferees must be a Florida state resident. If you do not have a FL Driver’s License, you can prove your residency with a property appraisers document or vehicle registration.

In-Bound Transfers

Shipping dealers will need a copy of our FFL and contact information. Please let us know if we can assist you in facilitating this information. A copy of our FFL for transfer can be requested on the Contact Us page.

We will call you as soon as your transfer comes in. To pick-up your firearm, you need to provide your FL Driver’s License or other proof of residence. Please bring your Concealed Carry Permit if you have one. Transfer fees are $50.00/gun + $5.00 FDLE NICS check fee. Contact for bulk transfer inquiries.

Note: Storage fees of $3.00/day begin accruing if you abandon your transfer gun for more than 30 days.

Out-Bound Transfers

We will make your firearm shipping process seamless and stress free with our out-bound transfer process. All you need to do is bring in your firearm with your desired destination and we will handle the rest. All firearms will be shipped to an FFL only.

Fees include $55.00/gun + the actual shipping cost. Shipping is always done Fedex 2nd day air providing you the most secure and traceable way to ship your firearm. All shipments are covered up the declared value of the firearm. Shipping rates vary based on distance traveled, weight and amount of coverage needed.

P2P Transfers

There are no FL state regulations required to transfer a firearm between two private individuals. However there are some instance where you may to do so. We will facilitate these transfers for our normal transfer fee structure of $50.00/gun + $5.00 FDLE NICS Check. All you need are both parties present with identification. Transferee must be a FL resident.